Miriam Aust

Abschluss: 2010


Lebt in Kassel



Prof. Jakob Gebert


Titel der Abschlussarbeit

Verknüpfung von Wohn- und Pflanzenkulturen




Vase & Leuchte


In most cases a plant is cultivated in a flowerpot, its stature is controlled and the space permitted. The draft is sounding out possible barriers and analysing how much a plant can be influenced, but still remain “natural“.

‘Vase & Leuchte‘ is the result of exceptional combinations and unusual things. The nature is presented artifcially, the living being used as material and laboratory aesthetics is brought into the living room.

The basis of the draft is as well the unusual combination of two articles of different purpose but similar placement in the room. A lamp normally is installed in the ceiling above the dining room table, where in most cases a vase is placed, too. Therefore the idea came up to combine both. The light is pulled down to the table, surrounded by a kind of cylinder, which can be filled with water and decorated with water plants or cuttings. The roots form the structure of the lamp shade in which the rays break. So the plant is not only decoration, but also a component of the object.


photos © Jan Köhler

Like Paper


What seems to be folded paper, is made out of slewed concrete. The lamps of the ‘like paper‘-series are an image of what we expect to be a paper-folded lampshade. Both its appearance and its haptics give concrete a new face and lead to believe it could be sensitive and malleable. The property of concrete, to precisely display the surface of the utilized formwork, is taken to advantage. As well as wood shapes the facade of bare concrete buildings, in this case paper empathizes with this part. Although the manufacturing folows certain paper paterns, the completed shades develop individuality through own edges, kinks and creases. Through this each object is unique. The lamp series ‘like paper‘ results and exists through distortion. While some lamps shine downwards by dangling from the ceiling, others lay exhausted on the table, the cabinet or the floor and gleam diffused in strange directions. Again others remain as table lamps without referring to any constructive support. The design not only fools our viewing habits by imitating other material properties, but it also with our common sense of dealing with light and room. ‘like paper‘ is not only placed in a room to illuminate it, but to stage it.


Supported by German technologies and engineering concepts.


photos © Minu Lee

a book box


The Project 'a book box' presents the beloved, yet long-not-read, book mounted to the wall. Framed and exhibited, it is presented with a new functionality. Opened, the book covers the contents inside. Closing the book opens the box. The book turns into a trap door that reveals a storage area or secret compartment. If interest in the book remains it is very easy to take the contraption of the wall and read the book, inside the box.


photos © Merlin Laumert

floor lamp


‚a floor lamp‘ is based on the simple mechanism of a beam balance.

A long beam cranes across the room and balances a lampshade on one side against a sandbag in the other. The sandbag can be moved

manually into four positions weighing in different lighting situations.


photos © Minu Lee